Bongos, Bleeps, & BaselinesZero DB

Zero Db’s track, from the album of the same name, Bongos Bleeps & Baselines , on Ninja Tune,  is off the hook… srsly! It has one of the deepest, thickest base drops that you’ll ever hear, with interesting bongo rhythms and those crazy beats. A female vocal sample keeps asking: “Are you swinging? Are you swaying?“. 60 minutes into this song I’d be mighty surprised if your answer was no, because this one gets me movin’ every time!

Bongo SongZongamin

Bongo Songby Zongamin is upbeat and full of many beats and rhythms, all layered over top of each other, with the bongo showcased above all others. Good times.

Bloops, Bleeps, Bongos & BrassCoconut Monkeyrocket


Like the other two songs on this list, this songs sounds just as the title suggests: lots of bloops, bleeps, bongos, and brass, with some funny vocal samples thrown in: “One of the most exciting sounds in the world, Bongo!” Indeed!