Afro (2006)

It’s official! Perfect and I have booked our tickets… we are off to Peru for a month at Christmas time. We are terribly excited, and now that the tickets are paid for, it finally feels real.

To celebrate I’d like to share with you my favorite song from an album that Perfect’s sister shared with us: Novalima‘s Afro. Novalima is a group of Peruvian musicians and DJs who have come together to produce updated adaptations of traditional Afro-Peruvian Music with the help of many international guest artists. The songs, some dating back hundreds of years, have been given a modern flare, with electronic elements and masterful production. The music is interesting and unique; a quality listen! Novalima have been at it again, as they are set to release their next album, Coba Coba, on October 31st 2008 on Cumbancha Records.