In putting together this blog I went through my old posts from my previous blogs & discovered it was high time I updated my top 10 list. I love music beyond words & this list is ever changing, always evolving & always pleasing. My first top 10 list ever, which was my first post ever, is now available here for comparisons sake. There are quite a few changes really… time passes, things change… Revel in the good. Don’t mind if I do… Lets get on with it…. Music!

10. Roam – WiL

My introduction to this song was from the travel advert of my home province… Alberta. Wil’s simple & beautiful lyrics celebrating the wonders of nature paired with stunning cinematography of my home takes my breath away every time… remember to breath. Roam… it’s all home.

9. Original Don ft. The Partysquad – Major Lazer

Major Lazer

A ridiculous hard hitter from Major Lazer, aka Diplo & Switch. So fun & powerful with the pounding percussion, horns & vocals… plus the video is so silly it can’t even.

8. Hallelujah – KD Lang, song by Leonard Cohen

My most favourtie song for singing in the car… Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as done by KD Lang, so very memorably at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The lyrics beautiful, hopeful & pained with love are dressed up so wonderfully with KD Lang’s powerful vocals… So very lovely.

7. Alright (Brad Carter Remix) – Red Carpet (Hetrix)

Everything is going to be Alright, well likely far better than Alright, but the sentiment is so comforting & reassuring… as faithful as the sun, my love for you will keep on rising. There are quite a few remixes of this song, but this one is by far the best… I included a radio edit for your listening pleasure.

6. Lose Control (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) – Missy Elliot

The Cookbook (July 2005)

The Cookbook (July 2005)

Hypnotic, Robotic.
Hypnotic, Robotic
Rock Your Body

Through many distortions, this thick mix pounds from start to finish. Missy Elliot’s unique style is given the Jacques Lu Cont, Stuart Price, Thin White Duke treatment for a hypnotizing result like no other. Still one of my faves as it gets my attention every time it comes up on the stereo.

5. Big Bird in a Small CagePatrick Watson

Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms (2009)

Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms (2009)

Patrick Watson’s sound just drips of Montreal to my ears… so lovely, cultured & classy, but different & wildly accepting. The beautiful sadness painted in this song gets me every time it comes on. The caged bird sings… so beautifully is mourns for it’s freedom to fly. Freedom missing though it springs from the core of what the bird is. This song is so beautiful & poignant. Freedom is.

4. I Am Trying To Break Your HeartWilco

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is an album the pleases from start to end. The opening track, I am Trying to Break Your Heart is dynamic & bizarre, a full listening experience best had with high quality headphones. The effective use of a metronome & alarm clock open this track with organized chaos. The tortured vocals of Jeff Tweedy illustrates the pain & sheer confusion of love lost. A song that can completely consume me when I let it. Ahh… Wilco.  Discover all about this the creation of YHF with the documentary of the same name as this track I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

3. Innocent When You Dream – Tom Waits

Frank's Wild Years

Tom Waits – Franks Wild Years (1990)

Tom Waits has long been one of my top artists… I’d be hard pressed not to include one of his tunes in my top 10… but I have a difficult time choosing my favourite track from his substantial catalogue… so many to choose from. Innocent When You Dream from Waits’ 1990 album Frank’s Wild Years, is a classic plain & simple. A delightful sing along of truth & beauty wrapped in lies, as only Tom Waits can do… dream away.

2. Looking for Astronauts – The National

Alligator - The National

The National – Alligator (2005)

So catchy & lovely… delicate & enigmatic… take all your reasons and take them away, to the middle of nowhere, and on your way home, throw from your window your record collection… because well, we’re all out looking for astronauts. I came to love The National late in the game, but man oh man, I just can’t get enough. Beringer’s lyrics are like written for me or something & the interplay of Dessner brothers’ melodies inspire me to compose. So very good.

1. Road to NowhereTalking Heads

Little Creatures (1985)

Little Creatures (1985)

Still my top song of all time…  Road to Nowhere has been one of my favourites for nearly as long as I can remember. Having first heard it in the late 80’s  in my sister’s living room on vinyl, because it was the only option. I loved it so much… it became a sort of theme song for me… I don’t care where we’re going, but I know it’s good… and the journey is what it’s all about. As I put it before… the wacky genius of David Byrne is showcased in this simple ditty… putting words & a marching beat to my philosophy in life.

Maybe you wonder where you are
I don’t care
Here is where time is on our side
Take you there…take you there

Sing loud & proud… we’ll make it there.