Gordon Ramsay cuddles with dinner.

Lessons from Gordon Ramsay

Aug 2nd, 2015 Featured, Random Thoughts Brahmina 2 min read

Several years back, I went through a big Gordon Ramsay phase… Watched many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares & Hell’s Kitchen. When I was reading his book Playing with Fire I pulled together some notes on good life lessons I was picking up from…

List Central screenshot

List Central

Jul 3rd, 2015 Geeking, Random Thoughts Brahmina 3 min read

In the mid-late oughts I poured myself into creating a social network for list lovers that came to be called List Central. I was a young & eager web developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Facebook was new & I wanted…

Making a lightbox for drawing

Feb 9th, 2015 Creating, Random Thoughts Brahmina 2 min read

I’ve decided its finally time to learn Illustrator… I found this tutorial on Youtube & decided to give it a go. A hand drawing is required for the tutorial… it uses a Mexican skull… I thought this a neat task to…

A Trip to Mesa

Jan 13th, 2015 Random Thoughts Brahmina 1 min read

After my first attempt at the RV adventure, I found myself alone on Christmas with only a pizza, an empty fridge & no insurance on the car. Bugger.  My Dad had been looking forward to my arrival in Arizona for…


Jan 4th, 2015 Random Thoughts Brahmina 9 min read

I have a dream… a dream of a grand trip in an RV… without plan, only means… guided by impulse & interest… through the states, provinces & territories of North America. Diners, wineries, mountains, waves, hot springs, my camera, notebooks…

A new name & a new site

Dec 29th, 2014 Random Thoughts Brahmina 1 min read

I am Brahmina… I was once Marilyn… but I have changed. Marilyn means sorrow… time has come for me to release that. Brahmina is a name that I came up with… The feminine of Brahman. Source. Om. Brahmina meaning Om’s complement. Such a…