Gordon Ramsay - Playing with Fire

Gordon Ramsay ~ Playing with Fire

Several years back, I went through a big Gordon Ramsay phase… Watched many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares & Hell’s Kitchen. When I was reading his book Playing with Fire I pulled together some notes on good life lessons I was picking up from him.

While I still have a bit of a predilection for English Chefs, I haven’t had much exposure to Ramsay’s recent stuff… but I found these notes in my drafts folder & decided to finish up this post. Mister Gordon Ramsay is a nifty fellow who made it from nothing to massive success in one of the most honest professions there is… cooking.

To prevent these little nuggets from  being lost forever in a forgotten draft, I now offer my favourite life lessons from Chef Ramsay:

Lessons learned from Gordon Ramsay

– Never apologize for being who you are.
– Pay the most attention to the step you are on… don’t wallow in worry nor regret.
– Place postage stamps on straight, because it takes the same amount of time to place them crooked.
– Keep a clean kitchen, or you’ll get rodents!