Combination Pizza Hut and Taco BellDas Racist

image002This track landed in my inbox about a couple of weeks ago, but it took me some time to actually give it a listen. Now that I have, life will never be the same! Download this track with care! After your first listen, it will get stuck in you head, and you might find yourself singing it to old friends on the street, and then to your boyfriend’s family, barely able to control your enthusiasm.

Seriously, be warned! This song is retarded catchy, and funny!

The following is from the promo email I received:

Das Racist kicks your balls into outer space… these┬ádudes are here to make hilarious topics like race relations, American consumerism, globalization and postcolonial-ass shit, fun again.”

Check out Brooklyn based Das Rasist’s myspace page, if you think you can handle it!

Enjoy the tune paired with an Adventure Time mashup… it can’t even.