I would like to introduce you to Betty…¬†Betty is the affectionate name I’ve given to the lady spider who has taken up residence in my open patio window. The silly lady, while I’m sure is doing the best that she can for herself and her little ones, has made a severe error in judgment. Building her web in my open window has put her in danger. Closing that window will result in the certain destruction of the home she has laboured for. To compound the dire situation she is unknowingly in, she has placed her eggs in the crevice of the window track! I doubt that even one of her eggs would survive if I closed that window.

This leaves me in a bad spot. Its going to get cold. I will get cold, and my hydro bill will go up if I have mercy on Betty and her unborn offspring. But I see all that she has put in to her home, and her babies’ incubation spot. How can I willingly destroy all that!

What should I do?

What would you do?


I went out of town on business last month, and while I was gone, my fella disturbed Betty’s web while “cleaning up”. He tried to pick up the pretty, yet haphazard arachnid, and get her back to her web an babies. I do not know all the details, but, the end result is Betty is gone, and the window is closed.

I am suspicious of the “cleaning” that went on while I was away, but I am grateful that I don’t have to make that difficult decision about Betty when it gets colder!