I’m looking forward to watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution this Friday (March 26th, 2010 @ 8pm PST) on ABC, and it’s not just because of my fondness of British chefs. Jamie Oliver is a man driven by passion, a passion that matters. If you haven’t heard what he is on about, I recommend his TED talk. Be sure to watch the bit starting at 11:14 of the video clip with the kids who do not know which basic vegetables are which.

It is shameful to know that the children of today are predicted to be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents! Fortunately, there is plenty we can do to improve our chances: be mindful about what we put in our mouths, and work to clean up the food production and distribution systems. Mr. Oliver will likely get this message across far more effectively than I, so tune in tomorrow evening with me (I’ll likely be tweeting about it).

If you are looking for a teaser for the show tomorrow night, watch the trailer for the show.