I am Brahmina… I was once Marilyn… but I have changed.

Marilyn means sorrow… time has come for me to release that.

Brahmina is a name that I came up with… The feminine of Brahman. Source. Om. Brahmina meaning Om’s complement.

Such a beautiful name.

I’m taking my time to do the name change officially… quite a job really. Not only is Marilyn part of my civilized & counted identity… passport, drivers license, banks etc, but its part of my digital identity too, with marilynburgess.com having been my primary contact for web & email for near onto a decade. I would like for the process to go smoothly, so much forethought I am allowing it.

I have let my online personality fall by the wayside in recent years… but have been feeling the urge to bring something back. What though? A question I’ve been asking myself for quite some time.

The answers have been flowing & Brahmina Creations is to be the central hub for my future online offering. These offerings will include websites & android apps, photography & maybe an Etsy store. This blog is  part of that… Brahmina Writes. Where I will write when I have the urge to share music, social commentary, announcements about my creations forthcoming… or what have you.

In putting together this blog I went through all my old posts from marilynburgess.com & road-2-nowhere.com & kept the ones I liked, updating all the music links to youtube rather than mp3s on a broken file server & doing general clean up & consolidation.

I hope you like what you find here… feel free to let me know what you think about it here.