If you are going to sing out loud, might as well sing about singing! What? Here’s a collection of tunes all about singing!


Video above… I don’t know what to say about this tune… it is a modern classic that always gets me singing along about singing when it comes on. From Travis’ 2001 album Invisible Band.


Minimalistic masterpiece was both on Blur’s 1991 album, Leisure as well as on the soundtrack for the 1996 movie Trainspotting. Blur is currently giving away the new track, Fool’s Day, which the band recorded for Record Store Day, April 17th. Pick up a copy at Blur’s site.


Sing Sing SingBenny Goodman

Classic big band tune, originally written in 1936 by, Louis Prima, redone by many, and instantly recognizable by swing kids of all generations.

Soul SingingThe Black Crows

Despite the fact that Soul Singing is from the Black Crows 2001 album, Lions, which earned less love than the band’s earlier offerings, the tune still gets be singing out about singing from my soul every time it comes on.

Singing In The Rain RemixMint Royale

I couldn’t skip this masterful ditty. Leave it to Mint Royale to bring the mix-mastering to a classic show tune! Released on their 2005 album See You in the Morning.